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Industrial Flooring Specialists

Welcome to Epoxy Flooring Systems.

We’re industrial flooring specialists dedicated to providing long-term, effective flooring solutions specifically tailored to suit all business requirements. Our suite of services is comprehensive and covers all specifications and requirements in industrial flooring systems.

We have a large team of permanently employed industrial flooring specialists, all on-hand to carry out the vital applications required when installing industrial flooring systems to the highest industry standards.

Our industrial flooring systems are world-class, and whether you are a large, medium or small enterprise, our highly-trained industrial flooring specialists will ensure you get the results you expect.

Epoxy Flooring Systems – delivering flooring you can depend on since 2001.

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Market Sectors

Epoxy Flooring Systems (Pty) Ltd operations are generally focused on, but not limited to, the following market sectors: The Food and Beverage industry, The Pharmaceutical industry, The Automotive industry, The Meat and Poultry industry, The Wine industry, The Electronic Component Manufacturing industry, The Chemical Manufacturing industry.

Specialists In The Following

  • Industrial coatings
  • Concrete
  • Polymer screeds
  • Self Levelling screeds
  • Seamless flooring
  • Decorative screeds
  • Epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic coatings
  • Fast curing MMA based systems
  • Wall coating